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Assoc Prof Miha Ravnik

Head of Softmatter Group

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
University of Ljubljana
Jadranska 19
1000 Ljubljana
also with:
Jozef Stefan Insitute
Jamova cesta 39
1000 Ljubljana
e-mail: miha.ravnik@fmf.uni-lj.si
tel: +386 1 4766 709
fax: +386 1 2517281
room: 204 (FMF UL, Jadranska 19)

Research interest
My research interest covers a variety of topics in soft matter physics, such as colloids, liquid crystals, bio-sensors, optics and photonics of anisotropic media, topological materials, and active matter. I try to direct my work along three main research directions: (i) structures in active and passive complex fluids, (ii) complex optics and photonics in anistropic materials, and (iii) active and passive microfluidics of complex fluids. My theoretical work in soft matter materials is typically strongly linked with experiments and typically relies on computer or analytic modelling based on phenomenological approaches.

Selected highlights and news
- Awarded National physics "Blinc" award for best physicists at the beginning of their career 2021.
- Awarded National "Ziga Zois" recognition of important scientific achievements in soft matter physi 2019.
- Topology of active nematic droplets published in PRX 2019.
- High-order elastic multipoles demonstrated in Nat. Comm. 2019 PRX 2019.
- Coorganiser of research programme on Mathematical desing of new materials at Isaac Newton Institute, University of Cambridge; Jan-Jun 2019.
- Industural XFit project awarded with N. Osterman by Lek (Novartis) to work on protein aggregation; 2019.
- ARRS research project awarded with M. Humar to work on intracellular forces; Jul 2019.