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We are always interested in applications from excellent individuals who would want to join or visit our group to work on selected projects from theory and/or modelling of general soft matter, including complex fluids, colloids, liquid crystals, fluidics, photonics, and complex optics. The projects are regularly tailored to suit the interests of the student.
We are happy also to support various joint fellowship, grants and scholarship applications to bilateral, EU (Marie Curie) or other funding agencies, having quite some experience in these actions. Our group also regularly aplies for Slo, EU, ... grants and possibilities may open also on a very short notice. Therefore, if interested in joining our team, send us an email with your CV and a brief motivation, and we will be happy to discuss possibilites.

Some possible funding options:

Typically, these applications take a notable amount of time so please contact us well ahead of deadlines to discuss applying.

Marie Curie Fellowships (International and Inter-European)

India-EU Mobility Project, NAMASTE

Slovenian Reserch agency grants (including postdoc, bilateral, ...)